Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dukan Diet - end of week 13

Wow - it's been 3 whole months since I started the Dukan Diet.  I've lost 17lbs so far and I'm still trying to lose another 3lbs.  My weight loss has certainly plateaued but I've also not totally been sticking to the plan.  I am still on alternating PP and PV days but I've also had other treats that I just couldn't resist, including an oh-so-yummy ice cream cake that I made for my FIL's bday last week!

I guess the secret is not to make anything that I can't eat.  With that in mind for Thanksgiving, our extended family is coming over to our place for dinner and to celebrate my daughter's 2 year old birthday.  Everything I'm serving is Dukan-friendly.  My MIL is making turkey (check) and I'm making all the sides: sauteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli, roasted carrots/zucchini/tomatoes (check, check, and check!).

I will be making another ice cream cake (no check) for my daughter but I bought a smaller springform pan so that we won't have leftovers to tempt me.

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