Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy Retirement Chris!

Today, we celebrated a retirement.  Chris worked for P&G for 27.5 years and a huge group of P&G'ers gathered to wish him happy retirement including our President, Marketing Director and HR Director.  Even our retired president and his wife came for the event.  Many people shared their stories via email and video of how Chris touched their lives at P&G and there were many head nods in the room.  

It must have been really hard to keep this event a surprise for Chris.  Chris wasn't a senior executive nor was he the leader of any team at P&G.  But Chris knows everything that happens in the office because, for 27.5 years, he has been our janitor.  

I'm so proud to work at a company who value people for who they are regardless of their position within the corporate hierarchy.  Chris is loved by so many because of his positive attitude and dedication to his work.  He always greets everyone with "how are you today"?  He knows everyone's name and sometimes even their kids' names.  He has been a constant in the office and the number of people who showed up to his celebration today is a testament of the memories that he leaves behind.

Chris, you will be missed.