Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photo Book

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Shutterfly photo books offer a variety of layouts and cover options to choose from.


Keith got his first two fillings last week.  Never even got to have his picture in the "No Cavities Club".

Monday, March 5, 2012

started running again

Over the past year, I've been trying hard to lose that last 5lbs of baby weight.  Unfortunately, after our 1-week vacation at an all-inclusive resort in February, I actually gained 5 lbs.  This motivated me to start working out again.  I started doing a few days of My Fitness Coach on my Wii.  It's still the best workout game.  I was so sore the first couple of days I could barely walk up and down the stairs.  Then I started running with a friend who wants to do her first 5k.  She's a beginner runner and I'm a relapsed runner so we are a perfect match.  My goal is to do something longer than a 5k but I don't want to commit to anything just yet.  I downloaded Personal Running Trainer which is a pretty good app for the iPhone.  Each run comes with a voice prompt to help you keep track of your run/walks and it also allows you to still listen to music.  The 5k program starts with 30 minutes of 1 min runs and 2 min walks and progresses all the way to a 30 minute run over 8 weeks.  Since I only plan to do 10 min run/1 min walks, I am going to take my time to build my endurance back up to a 10r/1w.  We even discovered a free indoor running track close by so we don't have any excuse not to run when it's cold outside.  The track is above an ice rink so it's freezing when we first start out but once we get running, it's the perfect temperature.  I'm hoping I can keep this up and lose some weight along the way.