Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Great customer service from Best Limo and!

I recently bought a Best Limo voucher to go to the airport through  The day before I needed to use the voucher, I called them at 3pm on Sunday afternoon for a 3am Monday morning pick-up.  However, they said they couldn't do it because they need 24-hour advance notice via their website.  In my over 10 years of taking airport limos on both business and personal trips, I have never had to order a limo 24-hours in advance.  Furthermore, the Teambuy voucher didn't specify this in the fine print.  It just had the phone number and address for Best Limo.  So I flipped out at the Best Limo guy on the phone and I immediately emailed to get a refund for the 2 vouchers that I bought.

I then called another limo company to order a car for 3am the next morning with no problems.  Then, I get a call from Best Limo and the guy said they could arrange for a stretch limo to come pick us up.  At that point, I was unsure if I should trust him as I was travelling with another family who also had a voucher and would also need a pick-up.  That's when he said he could arrange for a stretch limo (which fits 10) to come pick us both up for 2 vouchers.  I called my friend and decided to take a risk.  Best Limo said they would even arrange to send a stretch limo SUV to pick us both up for no extra charge.  So I cancelled my other limo booking and we decided on a back-up plan just in case the Best Limo didn't show up the next morning.

To make it even more complicated, I get an email from Jess at confirming that they would refund the vouchers, no questions asked.  I was very impressed that someone was even working on a Sunday afternoon but I had to email them back to cancel the refund.  After a few back and forth emails and phone calls, Jess was able to cancel the refund.  phew!

I'm happy to report that the SUV stretch limo showed up the next morning at 2:45am and both families were able to get to the airport right on schedule.

Nice ride!


  1. This is Jason from TeamBuy!

    We're so glad to hear everything worked out for you, and that you enjoyed your experience with both companies. We look forward to helping you and your readers explore the GTA for less!

  2. Hi Joyce this is Frank from Best Limo, Kula and I are very happy that everything worked out, and if you or any of your friends need any future limo transportation please feel free to email me directly!! We love making our customers happy!

    Also be sure to join our Fan Page of Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @ BestLimoTO