Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy 2nd birthday Ainsley!

Mui mui, you turned 2 yesterday.

Two years ago on Oct 7...
9am - mommy worked from home.  It was supposed to be mommy's 2nd last day of work before starting mat leave.
11am - mommy went to my 38 week doctor's appointment and the doctor took my blood pressure 3 times before telling mommy that it was a bit high.  He checked and found out that mommy was already 3cm dilated.  Then he asked if mommy could go to the hospital to have you today.  Even though you weren't supposed to come for another 2 weeks according to mommy's due date, mommy said yes and the doctor called NYGH and they told mommy to come in at 3pm. 
12pm - mommy and daddy enjoyed a nice long lunch at a restaurant, our last meal as parents of one child.  We were about to have a baby.  It was a bit surreal.
1pm - mommy and daddy picked up goh goh from daycare and dropped him off with goo tse.
3pm - mommy and daddy arrived at the hospital
6pm - mommy got induced
8:30pm - mommy was still only 4cm dilated
some time after 8:30pm - mommy's contractions started in full force
9:30pm - mommy was 10cm dilated (!!)
10:18pm - you were born

Your birthday is always going to be around Thanksgiving which means you are always going to have turkey for your birthday.   It also means that we are always going to be reminded of being thankful around your birthday which is so appropriate because mommy is truly thankful to God for bringing you into this family.

The past 2 years have gone by so quickly but you have grown so much.  From a little lump weighing 6lb 7oz, you are now a little person who has your own personality and likes/dislikes.  We call you mui mui all the time so I wonder when you are going to figure out that your real name is Ainsley.  You can barely pronounce Ainsley yet - just like most of your relatives.  :)

You bring so much joy to the family already with your ever expanding vocabulary and repertoire of songs.  You recently learned how to make a rocket sound and you have learned how to say grace before meals.  Mommy and daddy finds it so funny when we ask you a question and you say "umm...[pause as if you had to think about it]".  You sing all the time, especially in the morning after you wake up in your crib.

You like to eat and you always want to try mommy's food.  You have the cutest way of asking for food: "shum?".  You get it from when we ask you "do you want some?".   Mommy is often surprised at how much food you can eat and you like vegetables more than meat, especially steamed broccoli, which is opposite from goh goh.

You admire your goh goh so much and you try to copy whatever he does all the time.  You always tilt your head when we take pictures - something that you learned from goh goh.  Today, he was trying to show you how to throw a ball.  He is going to teach you so many things as you grow up.  I love how you and goh goh play with each other and have each other to play with all the time.

Mommy looks forward to falling in love with you more and more as you grow older, if that is even possible.

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