Sunday, November 14, 2010

Potty success!

We've been potty training our 3 year old on and off for about 6 months now.  Part of the reason why it's taken so long is because I've been procrastinating.  I don't want to deal with accidents and I also dread having to take him to the bathroom when we are out.  But now that we have a newborn, I'm pretty tired of having to change his diapers.

Last Saturday, we tried to put him in underwear and within 2 hours, he wet/dirtied 4 underwears.  We didn't even get any pee/poo in the potty.  I was absolutely disgusted with having to clean him up after the poo accident.  Today, I decided to try again with Pretzel snacks (to make him thirsty and to act as a treat), apple cider (to quench his thirst, to fill his bladder, and to act as a treat), and the iTouch (to keep him entertained on the potty).  It worked!  He peed and pood in the potty while playing on the iTouch.  After he went, he got a pretzel and apple cider treat.  In the same way, he proceeded to pee in the potty after lunch, after his nap, and after dinner.  Yay!

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