Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mom is leaving soon

Despite all the complaints that I've had about my mom being here for 2 months during my "confinement" period, she actually has been more helpful than I expected.  She has held the baby in the afternoons to allow me to have afternoon naps most days.  She folds all our laundry.  She makes soup for me and tries her best to cook the few dishes that she knows how to make.  Spending so much time with her in the past 2 months have made me realize that my mom really is getting old.  Her hair is actually all grey/white but she colours it black.  She often has aches and pains - I even took her to a few sessions of acupuncture while she was here.  She sometimes forgets things which makes me wonder if it's the early onset of Alzheimer's.  While I still look forward to having my life back, I am thankful that she has come to help me these past 2 months.

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