Sunday, January 10, 2010

There's an app for that

Every year in January, I get all gung ho about setting up new routines revolving reading the Bible, losing weight, and saving money.  They are not really new year's resolutions but just merely actions that I would like to develop into habits.  I have renewed optimism this year that I will be able to keep my new found routines... at least until the end of January.  "How?", you may ask.  "Apps", I respond.

You see, since I inherited my husband's iTouch (he got an iPhone for Christmas), I've gone 'app crazy'. As I browse through the 'app store', I discover there is an app for just about anything.  To help me stick to my new routines of reading the Bible, there is a Bible app that is taking me through the Bible in one year.  To help me with losing weight, there's an app (Lose It) where I can track my calorie intake and output.  To help me to save money and eat better, I have an app for meal planning with grocery lists (Epicurious).

How did we manage to survive pre-iDevices?


  1. i already knew this from my wife before she post this :)

  2. you're already better at apps than me! why don't u do a blob about apps? like an app review blob.