Friday, December 16, 2011

Toy kitchen or doll house?

It's funny how your perspective changes once you become a parent.  I detest clutter so I used to be very anti-toys.  I think I'm still anti-toys but recently, I've been thinking about buying either a dollhouse or a kitchen for my daughter.  I feel bad for her because she doesn't really have girly toys to play with.  She is constantly playing with my son's Hot Wheels cars.  Not that there's anything wrong with girls playing with cars but I don't want to deprive her of playing with dolls and house either.  It's such a difficult decision because buying a toy kitchen or doll house means that I'm committing to another piece of furniture in the house which will take up space in my living room.  Maybe I'll start small and just buy a tea set or a doll for now so I don't have to make such a big commitment.

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