Thursday, December 29, 2011

Life changing moments

Today, I found out two things, both of which are life changing events.  1) A friend of mine gave birth to her 2nd son 5 weeks early yesterday.  2) Another friend of mine is having twins.

When I think about my life pre-kids, I realize how selfish I was.  But then again, what else was i supposed to do?  I didn't have any one else to think about other than myself so selfishness was the only thing to do.  Now that I have kids, I am definitely not totally unselfish but I have learned how to be a little bit less selfish. The responsibility of taking care of my two kids has really given me a new perspective.  Every time I see my kids do something new or even just watching them sleep, I am in awe that these are two intelligent beings, crafted by God, and entrusted to my husband and I.  That's when I feel so unworthy and humbled to be their mother.  I want to raise them up to have a relationship with God and be contributing members of society.  I want to give them my all.  Having kids has changed my life in a way that my selfish pre-kid self could have never imagine.

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