Saturday, April 30, 2011

Worst product ever

BlueAnt S4 Voice Controlled Car Speakerphone (Black)
My husband bought the Blue Ant S4 hands-free car speaker phone a few months ago. I have hated it since the beginning because this product simply DOESN'T work! Here are the reasons why: 
1. I have an older iPhone (the 3G) and I am not able to make outbound calls with this device. I guess that's more my problem and not theirs but it's annoying nonetheless. 
2. You have to manually turn it off and back on every time you get into the car or else it won't detect your phone. If you don't do that, then you won't be able to receive incoming calls via bluetooth and you are stuck with the archaic, very unsafe, and now illegal-in-Ontario method of manually answering your cellphone while you are driving. 
3. If you forget to turn it off before you leave your car, it will drain the battery very quickly. Seems like whenever I remember to turn the thing on again, the annoying Blueant voice will tell me that its batteries are very low. 
4. The car charger cord that it comes with is so short that it basically doesn't work. We have to take the unit out of the car and into the house to charge it. The result is that most of the time, it just runs out of battery.
For something that costs over a hundred bucks, you think it would work like it's supposed to.

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  1. This product works as advertised for me. I give it 4/5 Stars.

    It's $390 to have the BT features you want (motion sensor, infinite battery life).

    Take the time to learn how to use it. Wireless paring is a finicky technology. Everyone has problems pairing and re-paring wireless technology and there's never enough battery life on any product except TV remotes.