Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm alive and case you were wondering

I realized I haven't posted in 2 months which is equivalent to a few decades in Internet time. Here is what has happened:
- we went to our 2nd annual all-inclusive vacation. This time to Azul Sensatori in Mexico. It was paradise but I'll do another post just on the trip another time
- I've managed to maintain my 20lb Dukan weight loss despite going on a all-inclusive trip to Mexico. I'm now on phase 4 of the diet which is just one day a week of pure protein and I eat whatever I want the rest of the week, within reason
- I was promoted at work (yay!)
- my son started to eat carrots and cucumber

That pretty much sums up what's happened in my life for 2 months. You didn't miss much. :)

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