Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy 5th birthday Keith!

Keith, today is the actual day of your 5th birthday. We have already had 2 birthday parties for you, one with daddy's family and another one with your friends. Mommy loves to celebrate your birthday because you have grown so much in 5 years. You have become an intelligent, funny, kind, compassionate, genuine, polite, respectful, talkative, obedient, friendly, outgoing and an overall amazing boy. I'm so proud of you. I'm proud to be your mommy (or 'mom' as you call me now). I love you so much and want you to know that.

Five years ago yesterday (Sept 13, 2007), mommy went into labour around 3pm, 3 weeks before your due date. We went to the hospital around 10pm and you were born around 5:30am on Sept 14. Mommy and daddy were very excited to finally meet you after waiting for 9 months. We had pretty much decided on your name before you were born but we waited until after we met you to finalize. You could have been called James or even Jude - Jude Law like the actor - that's what daddy wanted to call you which obviously mommy veto'd! You were so tiny as a newborn (5lb 13oz) that you didn't fit into any of the clothes that we brought for you to the hospital. Getting you to eat was difficult because you were so tiny and a bit jaundiced which made you sleepy all the time. Somehow mommy got through all of that and you started growing really well and became a chubby bunny over the next 6 months. Mommy took you to do so many things during her year of mat leave. We did Ontario Early Years classes where we met your friends Sophie, Jared, and Jayden. We did sign language classes, music, swimming, and had playdates with mommy's friends from church and work who were also on mat leave. Everyday was an adventure. We also went stroller walking on the 10km Leslie trail almost every week - that was a lot of fun cuz you would nap and mommy would chat with her friends the whole time.

We took you to NYC when you were only 5 months old. It was your first plane trip and you did great. When you were 11 months old, we took you to HK to meet kai ma and mommy's side of the family. We stayed for 3 weeks and also went to Thailand with the whole family. You didn't like the sand on the beach but you enjoyed being in the pool and we took lots of naps. We came back to Canada after our HK/Thailand trip and mommy went back to work when you were 13 months old. You started daycare at Mrs.Bond's home but by 18 months, we had to move you to Pineway (I'll blog this story another day if I haven't already blogged it before). Pineway was amazing and you had so many friend's there and the teachers loved you. After mui was born, we took you out of Pineway for the summer before you started JK and we went traveling as a family all over the place - San Diego, Las Vegas, Muskoka, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Hong Kong, Macau. Then mommy went back to work again after you started JK. In JK, you also had lots of friends and your teacher, Ms Chui, loved you. You loved school and you learned so much. You learned how to hold a pencil properly, how to write letters and words, how to read words and simple sentences, how to count to 100, how to play, how to take turns and how to share. You learned so much in just 1 year. We went on a trip to Mexico in February with Sophie and Jayden and you said that Mexico was your favorite country. :)

After JK, you and daddy and mui spent the summer going to Wonderland a lot. You also went to 4 weeks of VBS which you loved.

Daddy wants to take you to Chuck Cheese today and Mommy wants to take you out for ice cream after dinner. It's your special day!

Mommy can't imagine life without you and mui now. You and mui bring so much joy, laughter, and purpose into mommy and daddy's life. I love to plan things for you and we consider your needs in everything we do. I love giving you hugs and kisses everyday and I cherish those moments because one day, you will grow up and you won't let mommy hug and kiss you anymore, at least not in front of your friends. :) I love you!

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