Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chinese steamed fish recipe

I love Chinese steamed fish.  It's so easy to make and very good with rice.  Here's how I steam my fish...

What you need:
1. A live fish that has been gutted and cleaned. I usually buy the white Tilapia from the Chinese grocery stores because they are fresh and relatively inexpensive.
2. 1/4 cup Lee Kum Kee Seasoned Soy Sauce for Seafood (or dissolve 2 tbsp of sugar into 1/4 cup light soy sauce)
3. Ginger and green onion
4. 2 tbsp of oil

How to do it:
1. Clean and wash fish.  Ensure there are no scales left on the fish and dry both inside and outside with paper towel.
2. Put some ginger slices into the stomach of the fish.
3. If fish is already at room temperature, steam for 10 min for 1 lb, 13 min for 1.5 lb, 16 min for 2 lb.
4. Cut some ginger and green onion into slivers and set aside
5. When fish is ready, heat oil in pan.
6. Place ginger and green onion slivers on fish and drizzle the hot oil on top.  You should hear a sizzle sound.
7. Pour the soy sauce mixture on top.
8. Enjoy!

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