Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My mom

I have to vent about my mom.  She is here to "help" me during my "confinement period".  Sounds nice other than she doesn't know how to cook, she doesn't like to clean and all she wants to do is to go out, talk on the phone, and watch TV.  She tries to be helpful where she can, i.e. fold clothes, do dishes, burp the baby, etc...  Here are a few snippets of our interactions so far:

Interaction #1 (first thing in the morning)
Mom: when your cleaning lady comes, tell her to clean the fridge.
What I thought: Why don't you clean it, it's not like you have anything to do.
What I said: The cleaning lady is here for 3 hours every other week.  Do you want her to clean the bathroom or clean the fridge?

Interaction #2 (while I'm cooking fried rice for myself as she holds the baby)
Mom: is that all the rice you are going to have?
What I thought: Since I haven't even taken the rice out of the fridge yet, she must be referring to the three eggs that I just scrambled to put into the fried rice.  She can't even tell the difference between eggs and rice?!
What I said: These are eggs.

Interaction #3 (while she's preparing a steam fish because she just told me that she knows how to do it)
Mom: do you put the oil in with the fish to steam?
What I thought: I thought she said she knows how to cook the fish.
What I said: No, I have to cook the oil separately and pour it on the fish after it has steamed.

Interaction #4 (the water has boiled and she's getting ready to put the fish into the steamer)
Mom: do I put the whole plate in?
What I thought: No mom, you have to cut the plate in half in order to steam the whole fish.
What I said: Yes.

I have to endure this until Dec 6th.  

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