Friday, August 20, 2010

money I don't spend

I wish there was a way to track money that I don't spend. I sometimes think about all the money I save because I don't have the following habits:

- drink coffee daily (~$2/day)
- drink alcohol regularly (~$50/month)
- smoke (~$100/month)
- use a diaper genie (~$10/month for the refills)
- subscribe to newspapers/magazines (~$15/month)
- have a data plan (~$20/month)
- shop all the time (?/month)
- have a zoo/science center/wonderland/ontario place membership (~$400/year)
- have a subscription to a theatre production (~$50/month)
- have a gym membership (~$30/month)
- have a premium cable package (~$50/month)
- have 2 cars (~$3000/year in maintenance, insurance, gas, parking)
- have hobbies/collections (?/month)

That's at least $10,000/year that I am saving! With all this money I save, we should be able to go on more vacations! If only it worked that way...

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