Friday, April 30, 2010

We're gonna find out

Everyone always asks if we're going to find out the gender. With my son, there was a lot of pressure for him to be a boy so we had to find out in case he wasn't going to be a boy. Thankfully, he was a boy and the inlaws were happy. This time around, we are going to find out because based on our track record (of one), we are not very good with coming up with names. We were still trying to come up with names the day I went into labour. Finding out the gender will require us to only come up with one set of names.

Naming is complicated to begin with but I think I complexify it even more because I want an English middle name that sounds like the Chinese name. The reason is because I have a hyphenated Chinese middle name but for whatever reason, on official documents, it is sometimes hyphenated, sometimes one word, sometimes two words. On top of that, non-Chinese people can't pronounce my middle name (Yuk-Pui) properly. I don't want my children going through that their whole lives, hence the need for an English middle name.

This forces us to choose a Chinese name first, then figure out an English name that sounds like the Chinese name which also has to go well with the last name. Lastly, choose a first name that goes well with both the middle and last names.

Right now, we don't have any of the three names picked out, we are not even close. My next ultrasound is on May 28 so we're hoping to find out the gender then and have almost 5 months to work this all out.

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