Friday, April 30, 2010

South St. Burger company

I'm part of this group called bzzagents. Periodically, they will send me samples and coupons to try out and then tell my friends about it. A few months ago, they sent me a $10 voucher and a bunch of buy one get one coupons for the South St Burger Company. Jeremy and I had tried it in the past and we didn't think it was that great so I was a bit hesitant on whether we would try it out again even with the coupons. Anyway, Jeremy went yesterday and he gave me a pretty good review of his burger, poutine made with NY fries, and milk shake. He said that it was better than the jetsun's burger that we had last week and one of the best high-end burgers he ever had. Granted, he had a $10 off coupon so if value = quality/price, he felt it was good value since he only paid $4 for his meal. Would he pay full price for heart-attack food? Time will tell.

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