Saturday, April 10, 2010

The first trimester

I had been tracking my periods and I knew it was due Feb 8. I anxiously waited until Feb 10 to test and got a Positive! However, it was an expired test (leftover from 3 years ago when we got pregnant with our first) so there was a chance that it was a false positive. Too cheap to buy a new test, we saw the doctor to confirm on Feb 18. We told our families and Malisa over CNY (Feb 14).

Here's a record of my first trimester:

Have been very tired and fell asleep at 8pm on Feb 22. Feel a bit of nausea but can't and don't want to throw up. Although it will probably make me feel better. Want to enjoy this pregnancy which sounds crazy given all the symptoms I'm getting. Already started having insomnia which is why I'm blogging at 3am on Feb 23.

Made appt with prenatal doctor for first ultrasound on Apr 5th. Doctor is close to home for convenience.

Started wearing maternity pants at 6 weeks. I am not getting big yet, I am just getting fat.

I bought 3 new pairs of maternity pants and 1 new maternity top on Mar 8th because there was a sale at Thyme: Buy 4 and get $50 off. I am totally starting to show.

I finally kind of threw up stomach acid this morning (Mar 9th). It was gross and not fulfilling like a real throw up.

Today is Mar 10th and I'm now 8 weeks pregnant or in my 9th week of pregnancy. I have been having nausea everyday and even though I'm hungry, I don't feel like eating anything. To make matters worse, I have developed a dry cough which makes me even more tired than normal, whatever normal is.

I told my manager today even though i am only in my 9th week.

Ill be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow. We are anxious to start telling close friends but also dont want to jump the gun before our 12 week ultrasound in case anything goes wrong between now and then.

Unlike my first pregnancy, I have had many food cravings this time around. So far, I have craved for Filet o Fish, gherkins, and Tom yum soup. Because I have been sick with a terrible cough this week, Mar 10, I have also lost 3lbs. I cough so bad that I cause myself to want to throw up. So I am not totally sure if it's the cough or pregnancy that is causing my nausea.

I have been sick for 3 weeks with a bad cough/cold. I had a fever on Mar 25. Went home early and then slept until the next day into the afternoon. The fever was 101-103 so I had to take tylenol to control the temperature. I hope the baby is fine.

I'm 11 weeks now (Saturday Mar 27). My 12 week ultrasound isn't until Monday Apr 5. I now wish I kept the original appointment of Thursday April 1 so that I can officially start telling people next weekend.

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