Sunday, October 23, 2011

I love to vacation

We've been going on vacation after vacation this year since both my husband and I are not working.  I feel like we are finally catching up on all the years of not being able to go on vacation.  Our year of vacation started in March when we went to Florida for 1 week with another family with young kids.  Then we went to San Diego, LA, and Las Vegas in June for 3 weeks.  We rented a cottage in Muskoka for the Canada Day long weekend and it was the first time we vacationed with my inlaws.  In August, my sister came to visit us from Hong Kong with her family and another family.  We did a road trip to Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and Niagara Falls.  After the road trip, we went to the Muskoka cottage again with our small group over Labour Day long weekend.  So far, the highlight of all our trips was Hong Kong in Sept where, during the 1 month that we were there, we celebrated both my kid's birthdays and our wedding anniversary.  We even took a side trip to Macau for a weekend.

You would think that I'm all vacationed out but we still have a few more vacation plans.  We will be going to Guelph to visit friends and we've also booked a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge for November.  Finally, we are looking to book an all-inclusive vacation for the winter.  I can't wait!

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