Saturday, October 5, 2013


I recently inherited 2 teenagers.  My sister sent her two daughters (15 and 18) here to study.  Lets just say I never realized how much teenagers eat.  We are going through 8 liters of milk each week and we are putting our Costco membership to good use.  

I think the hardest part is meal planning.  I don't want them to always eat the same thing so I have to think in advance what I want to cook and plan out my weekly grocery list.  I also want to cook a combination of Chinese and Western food so when I go grocery shopping, I have to go to both a Chinese grocery and a mainstream grocery store.  

I have a google doc for meal and activity planning.  I love it because I can update it  from an app on my phone and it automatically gets saved online and my husband always has access to the most updated version too.  What would we do without technology?  

Let me know if you have any easy meal ideas!

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