Thursday, May 9, 2013


I took an hour off work and went to my son's Senior Kindergarten Open House today.  I had a fantastic time.  I got to see my son in his classroom interacting with his friends and his teachers.  He was so happy and proud to introduce me to everyone.

This started last week when he brought home a notice inviting parents to come to an Open House today.  When I saw the notice, I told him that I would come.  But I had forgotten to put it into my work calendar so yesterday, I ended up having to move a bunch of meetings so that I could go to the Open House.  I'm so glad I did.

Before we even got to school, he was so excited.  I worked from home in the morning and he came into my room at about 12:30pm, "Mom, you have to bring me to school.  What time is it?"  He goes to afternoon SK which starts at 1pm which left me only 30 minutes to have lunch, get myself ready, and walk to school. I hadn't prepared any real lunch so I offered him cheese and apple slices while I had a leftover blueberry muffin, 2 fried eggs, and some cheese slices.

I inhaled my lunch and scrambled to get myself ready.  I asked him if he wanted me to pack him a granola bar for snack and he told me he already packed a fruit snack in his backpack.  I have the best kid in the world.  After another scramble to get my phone, keys, laptop and purse, we headed to school.

At school, my son went straight to get a book and we proceeded to read together.  When a kid came by, I would pause to let him introduce me.  "This is my mom.  This is Ava." or "This is my mom.  This is Lucas."

When the teacher was ready to take attendance, she asked the kids to name a shape when their names were called.  I was expecting "square" or "triangle" but the first answer was "rectangular prism".  LOL

When it was time for activity, my son wanted to draw me a card.  He told me not to look at the card because it's a surprise so he told me to play with a puzzle while he drew the card.  He started drawing and asked me, "Mom, how do you spell 'you'?"  Then he asked, "Mom, what's the first letter of 'rock'?"  I got a card that said "MOM, YOU ROCK".  :)  That was so sweet.  Definitely one of the best moments of motherhood so far.

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  1. Love this post; it makes me miss my older kids first school years when they were so proud like your little guy. Such a big boy to pack his own snack too :)