Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day in the life of a mom

Here's what I did yesterday:

1. Woke up at 7am
2. Baked cupcakes

3. Baked cookies

4. Fed kids breakfast
5. Removed all the weeds in the backyard
6. Had lunch
7. Bought a bday present from ToysRUs and gift bag and tissue from Dollarama
8. Attended a bday party with present (see above)
9. Bought groceries
10. Bought grass seed
11. Sowed grass seed in backyard
12. Baked banana bread
13. Made and ate dinner (store bought tourtière and steamed broccoli)
14. Made fruit skewers for party tomorrow 

15. Made icing for cupcakes for party tomorrow

Amazing how much can be accomplished in one day.

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