Friday, May 4, 2012

Reading to my kids

My parents never read to me when I was little. In fact, I remember my parents bringing me to a library for the first time when I was in Grade 2 because a friend of my mom's told her that it was a good idea to get me to read. We got to the library and I was expected to choose a book. I had no idea where to begin, i didnt even know which section of the library to go to. Fast forward a few decades and as a mom, I'm now reading to my children (almost) everyday and bringing them to the library regularly. I'm trying to inspire a love of reading in their life because I really believe that reading is so helpful in one's future success from vocabulary, comprehension to imagination and creativity. There's a saying in Chinese, literally, it is "there's a golden house in every book".

My son loves his reading time every night. It has become a special time that we spend together before he goes to bed.

My daughter doesn't like to go to bed but she gets really excited when I say "let's go 'tai shu shu'" which means "let's go read a book" in Chinese. She will pick up her favorite book and run to the couch in her bedroom so we can read together. It's so cute.

I hope I'll be able to continue to inspire a love of reading in their lives so they can each find their own 'golden house'.

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