Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 minutes of research probably helped me save hundreds of dollars

My Direct Energy renewal form just came through the mail. I don't know anything about natural gas which is why I signed up with this guy that knocked on my door 5 years ago. However, i remember hearing the radio commercials with the tagline of "Those who get it, save" so I decided to take a minute to check out their rates vs what Direct Energy was offering me in the renewal letter. Turns out that is cheaper than Direct Energy so I was going to cancel my Direct Energy contract and sign up with Fortunately, I took another minute to find this thread on Based on the info posted on this thread, I also checked out which confirmed that was indeed the cheapest out of all the gas marketer rates but I also ended up checking out the Enbridge Gas distribution rates (the rate directly from the utility) and it turns out that their rate is almost 50% cheaper than the fixed rate that is offered by

Net: I am cancelling my super-expensive-I-can't-believe-I-have-been-with-them-for-5-years contract with Direct Energy and going back to the variable Enbridge rate. At least I know (from my 1 minute of research) that Enbridge does not make profit from the price of the natural gas. They only profit from the delivery of natural gas which you have to pay regardless of which natural gas supplier you choose.

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